Cross Stitch Modern-Nomad unstitched cotton satin collection 2018

The temperature is dropping but worry no more! here’s how to dress for the big freeze with style and stay warm.

Cross Stitch has recently launched “Modern Nomad-Unstitched cotton satin collection” Inspired by the vibrant hues and geometrical designs of North Pakistan. It is in this northern section where most of the ancient tribes still live and where many ancient tribal cultures and customs still exist.

The geometrical patterns in this collection are culture enriched with the numerous influences of thousands of years old heritage and to say, Syra Shehroz wearing these traditional dresses with “Chaddar” are embarking raw simplicity with modern ethnicity.

Here’s our Top favorite picks from the launch.


This mesmerizing dress is inspired by the “kasheeda-clotted dress” which is worn by the North women with pride. The best bit, the camera man has tried to depict the craftsmanship of women in this picture. This combination of colors and prints can never wrong you in the long run!

Price: 2,950/-


Syra Shehroz has our heart in awe in this chunri printed viscose dupatta with embroidered shirt front and printed back. The origin of the chunri may be traced to the early civilization of Indus basin where the use of textile such as Ajrak was highly prevalent.

Price: 4,750/-


Fall in love with deep rustic tones, vibrant prints and mesmerizing heritage of our culture with this three piece suit including a viscose dupatta, dyed cotton cambric trouser, embroidered front and printed back.

Price: 4,650/-


Ever wondered how she does it? Yes? We thought so too. Syra Shehroz rocking this three piece suit in Cobalt blue color. You can never go wrong with this combination.

Price: 4,700/-


This alluring combination of Black and white is giving us chills. This three piece suit includes satin printed shirt, embroidered motifs, embroidered patti for sleeves, viscose net duppatta and a dyed cotton cambric trouser.

Price: 4,250/-


This heart capturing three piece suit consists of dyed embroidered shirt front, digital printed shirt back and sleeves, embroidered patti, viscose net dupatta and a cambric cotton trouser.

Price: 4,550/-


Making us reminisce the lost times of spring, this three piece suit consists of embroidered front, printed back and sleeve, viscose dupatta and cambric cotton trouser.

Price: 4,550/-


Do you want a game-changer outfit? Then mix the earthy tones in nature with Geometrical aspects of hand embroidered motifs made by the women from North. If you don’t believe us then here’s the proof.

Syra Shehroz making us go “Mon Dieu! in this beautiful three piece suit which has a embroidered motif for neckline, embroidered motifs for trouser, printed shirt, viscose dupatta and cambric cotton trouser.

Price: 3,950/-

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