8 ways to look perfect in any outfit

Girls can never leave their home without looking perfect. I mean there shouldn’t be anything missing obviously. Who likes leaving their house looking plain for a evening party or a friends night out? No one! Because we all love to accessorise our outfits to look 10/10.

What To Wear has many cool ideas to bring your outfits to life. The more basic the outfit, the bolder your accessories can be to bright up your outfit, here are 8 accessories you can use to look glammed up :

long necklaces with thin chain

1. Long necklaces are so in trend, a thin chain with a fine pendant is exactly what you need to accentuate your outfit also can add a pop of color to your outfit to grab everyone’s attention.

waist belt

2. Add a waist belt on your dress because no matter if you choose a narrow or wide piece, a waist belt can make all the difference for your appearance and can be used to change the level of refinement of your outfit.

layering your bracelets

3. In the modern world, wearing a bracelets and rings is a part of fashion, we recommend you to try layering them because it provides grace to a women also makes you stand out of a crowd but we recommend that you don’t use any other accessories to avoid looking too heavy.

Vibrant clutches

4. If you are not a hand bag or a side bag person then a vibrant clutch is all you need to carry also If the colour of your dress is black, white a clutch in a bright colour can really look great and can also make your outfit look more stylish.

Drop earrings

5. Drop earrings can highlight your facial features like no other jewellery, especially if you tie your hair in a bun. It can add a great focal point and detail to your outfit.

neck scarfs

6. Your outfit wont be seem boring if you pair it with neck Scarf, it can transform a dress And work like a charm every time whether you go for classic silk or an eye catching pattern, this small accessory packs a punch to any outfit.

Shoes - Sandles

7. Make sure to wear the right shoes. like If you are wearing a long dress because you are going to a formal event, wear heels.If you’re wearing something to go out with your friends at mall or cafe for the sandals instead of close-toed shoes.

Match lipstick with dress

8. Matching your lipstick to your outfit can create a coordinated look. But sometimes, you need an unexpected clash of colors to make lips stand out. Red lipstick is never a bad idea.