Zara Shahjahan

Inspired by history and charmed by nature -our portfolio, ranging between stunning hand crafted Bridals , Luxury Pret and Pret to Lawn and even some of our fusion statements- is a glorified celebration of vintage Pakistani Fashion, representing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, unsurpassed quality of fabrics and attention to detail. This philosophy is also reflected in COCO by Zara Shahjahan, our high-street sub-brand, offering every day pret.

The Zara Shahjahan woman is not any ordinary woman either: she is free from the shackles of the fickle world with a timeless approach to fashion, she is confident of her past and grounded enough in her roots to embrace tradition in its purest form and therefore, she profoundly inspires people around her with her iconic. This is what we aim to achieve: giving our clients the power to inspire.

At the core of our brand lies a strong focus on fashion that is chic, feminine, and more importantly, very wearable, making us the only Premium clothing/lifestyle brand in Pakistan with the widest product range and the largest, structured and rapidly growing retail presence in Pakistan- with over 7 stores and others opening soon.

Contact:  +92-423-2500935