Like a fairy tale weaved and spun with magic threads, the story of KHAS started with a dream over half a century back. A subsidiary of the Sadaqat Group, that has won respect and awards all over the world, the vision of KHAS is to make the same quality available here in Pakistan.

The moment you enter one of our stores you will experience a new level of serenity and good taste.Worth mentioning is that you can take the very same experience and class home; simply by selecting the product of your choice individually or in combination with the coordinated theme.

The magic for KHAS, a subsidiary of the famous Sadaqat Group began over half a century ago. The magic wand of the well-respected Sadaqat Group began flashing in 1951 and helped them win hearts of millions and many achievement awards in the process as well.

For decades people of Pakistan have been praising high quality of imported clothes or clothes in abroad countries, KhasStores vision is to provide our proud Pakistani clients with the same level of luxury materials without the added costs of importing them. It is our topmost priority to gain trust of our valued customers by providing trustworthy products and services.

To complement this innovation in Online Shopping, our KhasStores have evolved with the continued success as well. At our marketing beating KhasStores we have arranged products in shape of themes, which you can select as a whole package or select an individual item depending on your taste and choice.

Our beautifully crafted state-of-the-art stores make our respected feel cared for and wanted was soon as they walk in. Our most experienced and skilled staff at KhasStores is always happily ready to assist you in any decision making processes that you may require, just feel free to ask them About Khas Products and any of your queries and they will satisfy you better than any other store in the market.

The positive response from our valued Online Shopping customers and KhasStore customers is a testimony of our success, and we aim to keep the good work up by providing market beating innovative and fresh designs while keeping our tradition of using great top of the line materials.

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